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"Invest in Building Capacity through

Professional Learning with a Purpose!"

"I was that kid.  I went from living in a homeless shelter to roaming the school halls without a purpose. I was an angry young man with low expectations for myself.  Yet, my mediocre academic performance was not indicative of my intelligence.  I needed someone to believe in me when I didn't believe in myself.  I needed someone to see the potential that I could not see.  I needed a "Purpose Pusher."

-JT Taylor CEO of Purpose Pushers LLC.  

"Purpose is Everywhere, All it Needs is a Push"

Purpose Pushers LLC. is a hybrid educational consulting company that couples motivational speaking with research-based best practices.  Our aim is to build capacity by inspiring professional learning. Our services include keynote speaking, educational consulting, job-embedded coaching, interactive research-based seminars, school assemblies for students, parent engagement workshops, and much more.  

Purpose Pushers builds capacity and inspires purpose by serving in the following roles:

- Chief Strategist for School Improvement and Equity

- Consultant for School-Wide Professional Development Planning

​- Sustained Job-Embedded Instructional Coach

- Special Education Instructional Coach

- Keynote Speaker for Educators (K-12)

"An uninspired teacher cannot be expected to inspire students!" - JT Taylor

Build Capacity.

Inspire Purpose. Professional Learning with a Purpose!