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"Know Your Why!"

"I was a student without a purpose.  I roamed the halls, I had low expectations for myself, and I had poor grades.  My mediocre performance was not indicative of my intelligence but I needed someone to see the potential in me that I could not see.  I needed a Purpose Pusher to help me understand my value and my purpose."

-JT Taylor CEO of Purpose Pushers LLC.  

"Purpose is everywhere, all it needs is a push"

Struggling student to purpose pusher!

Topics for PD's and Workshops:

School Improvement

- Inspirational Rap Concert

- "Student with a Purpose"

- "Literacy Through Music"

- "How to Write a Book"

- "Good Choices"

Purpose Pushers LLC. is a motivational speaking company which aims to help educators and students find passion and purpose. We provide direct consultation, interactive research based workshops, inspiring presentations, professional development, and much more.   

Staff Morale

- "Overcoming Burnout"

- "Teacher with a Purpose"

- "Are they on the Train"

- "Rapport & Relationships"
- "L.E.A.D.E.R.S.H.I.P."