Parent Involvement

"Family Engagement Night"

  • This presentation seeks to increase parental involvement by providing parents with useful strategies to cultivate students' love for literacy in and out of school.

Invest in Staff Morale!

Purpose Pushers - Inspiring Presentations & PD

"I went from living in a homeless shelter to roaming the school halls without a purpose. I was an angry young man with low expectations for myself.  My mediocre academic performance was not indicative of my intelligence, but I just needed someone to believe in me when I didn't believe in myself.  I needed someone to see the potential that I could not see.  I needed a Purpose Pusher."

-JT Taylor CEO of Purpose Pushers LLC.  

Teacher Retention

"Overcoming Burnout"

  • This workshop highlights the importance of inspiration in the field of education, while providing strategies for overcoming burnout.

Purpose Pushers builds capacity and inspires talents by serving in the following roles:

- Chief Strategist for School Improvement

- Consultant for Strategic Professional Development Planning

- Consultant for School Improvement Planning

- Organizational Leadership Coach

- Title 1 Administrative Strategist

- Special Education Advisor

- Instructional Coach for Teachers (K-12)

Leadership Development 

"Leadership Mentality"

  • What if you were created to lead?This presentation is designed to inspire and empower current and aspiring leaders of all ages.  

Build Capacity

Inspire Purpose

Purpose Pushers

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Culturally Responsiveness

"Is this lesson for ME or for YOU?"

  • This presentation seeks to build educator awareness for culturally responsive teaching with the aim of providing students with equitable opportunities for academic success.

"Bridging the Gap"

"From Poverty to Purpose!"

  • This session is designed to increase educator awareness of poverty's impact on students social, academic, and behavioral performance.

(Essential for Title 1 Schools)  

Purpose Pushers LLC. is a hybrid educational consulting company that couples motivational speaking with research-based professional development.  Our aim is to build capacity, while  inspiring talent. We provide direct consultations, job-embedded coaching, interactive research-based workshops, professional development, keynote speeches, school assemblies, and much more.  

Behavior Management

"Developing a Behavioral Vision"

  • This vision-shifting PD challenges educators to view behavior through the lens of motivational theory and applied behavior analysis.

Inspire Literacy!

"Writing the Next Chapter"

  • This inspiring presentation is rooted in Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and is designed to help students use literacy to cope with life stressors and adversities.  

"Know Your Why!"

Every Child is one 

Purpose Pusher away from a transformation!

Teacher Motivation

"Teachers With A Purpose"

  • This workshop is designed to increase collective efficacy by promoting collaboration and teamwork among staff.

Life Altering Educators

"The Influential Teacher"

  • This presentation highlights techniques and strategies used by unforgettable educators. 

Rapport & Relationships

"Are they on the Train?"

  • This workshop emphasizes the significance of utilizing "Relational Teaching" to motivate students and improve student achievement.