Via formal and informal surveys, teachers, counselors, social workers, principals, university professors, and other educational leaders have all indicated the success of Purpose Pushers LLC.​  Survey results indicate that Purpose Pushers has proven to increase school morale by improving collective educator efficacy.

Life-Altering Decisions

"Good Choices"

  • This presentation seeks to help students understand the power of their choices. (Includes a Rap Song Performance).

Why Choose

Purpose Pushers?

Parent Involvement

"Family Engagement Night"

  • This presentation seeks to increase parental involvement by providing parents with useful strategies to cultivate students' love for literacy in and out of school.

Student Motivation

"Student With A Purpose!"

  • This fun presentation directs students toward identifying the powerful purpose of education (Includes a Rap Song Performance).

"I was a student without a purpose.  I roamed the halls, I had low expectations for myself, and I had poor grades.  My mediocre performance was not indicative of my intelligence, but I needed someone to see the potential in me that I could not see.  I needed a Purpose Pusher to help me understand my value and my purpose."

-JT Taylor CEO of Purpose Pushers LLC.

School Improvement Consultations

- School Culture and Climate Assessment
- Strategic 10-Month Professional Development Plan
- Title 1 Consultations to Improve School Morale and Increase Teacher Retention

- Collaborative School Improvement Planning to Increase Student Achievement

- Job-Embedded Coaching for Special Education Teachers

  • (IEP, FBA, & BIP Construction, Specially Designed Instruction, Co-teaching, and Data Collection Methods) 

Inspire Literacy!

"Writing the Next Chapter"

  • This inspiring presentation is rooted in Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and is designed to help students use literacy to cope with life stressors and adversities.  

Former Title 1 student turned

 purpose pusher!

Invest in Staff Morale!

Purpose Pushers - Inspiring Presentations & PD

Teacher Motivation

"Teachers With A Purpose"

  • This workshop is designed to increase collective efficacy by promoting collaboration and teamwork among staff.

"Know Your Why!"

Rapport & Relationships

"Are they on the Train?"

  • This workshop emphasizes the significance of utilizing "Relational Teaching" to motivate students and improve student achievement.

Leadership Development 

"Leadership Mentality"

  • What if you were created to lead?This presentation is designed to inspire and empower current and aspiring leaders of all ages.  

"Bridging the Gap"

From Poverty to Purpose!

  • This session is designed to increase educator awareness of poverty's impact on students academic and behavioral performance 

(Essential for Title 1 Schools)  

"Purpose is everywhere, all it needs is a push"

Life Altering Educators

"The Influential Teacher"

  • This presentation highlights techniques and strategies used by unforgettable educators. 

Teacher Retention

"Overcoming Burnout"

  • This workshop highlights the importance of inspiration in the field of education, while providing strategies for overcoming burnout.

Purpose Pushers LLC. is a hybrid educational consulting company that couples motivational speaking with research-based professional development.  Our aim is to build capacity, while  inspiring talent. We provide direct consultations, job-embedded coaching, interactive research-based workshops, professional development, keynote speeches, school assemblies, and much more.