2016-2017 Oscar F. Smith High School Teacher of the Year

Dynamic Speaker and

Motivational Consultant

​​- Presenter at Old Dominion University's "Legacy Series: Leaving a Campus Legacy" hosted by the Student Government Association (2018)

- Presenter at the 2017 Virginia Education Association's "Celebrate, Educate, Advocate!"  Instruction & Professional Development Conference  

- Presenter at the 2nd Annual Region II Excellence Through Equity Conference of 2017

- Presenter at the 2017 Future Teacher Academy Conference at Norfolk State University

- Presenter at the following schools across Hampton Roads:

Oscar F. Smith Middle in Chesapeake, VA

Pioneer Elementary in Suffolk, VA

​Crestwood Intermediate in Chesapeake, VA

George Washington Carver Intermediate in Chesapeake, VA

Portlock Primary in Chesapeake, VA

Chesapeake Center for Science and Technology

Old Dominion University

Norfolk State University

Virginia Wesleyan University 

Motivational speaking engagement at Old Dominion University for their "Legacy Series" by the Student Goverment Association

- Completed National Association of Secondary Schools Principals "Breaking Ranks" Leadership Training for School Improvement (2018).

- Master of Arts in Theological Studies from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary (2015).

- Master of Education in Teaching and Learning from Liberty University (2013).

- Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies from Norfolk State University "Magna Cum Laude" (2011).

Presenter at the Virginia Education Association Instructional & Professional Development Conference 2017

Educational Qualifications


Mr. Jahkari “JT” Taylor was born to be a Purpose Pusher.  His life’s work demonstrates his passion for cultivating, motivating, and inspiring people from all walks of life. Yet, JT's life story may not fit the mold of an ideal Purpose Pusher.  When he was just a child he went from living in a 1987 Ford Fairmont, to a packed homeless shelter.  Then, after his mother applied for Section 8 housing, they soon relocated to a tough neighborhood in the South Norfolk area of Chesapeake, Virginia.  He attended Title 1 schools as a struggling student who failed to realize his academic potential.  In addition, he became a teenage father at the age of 17.  Yet, in spite of the adversities he encountered as a youth, JT emerged out of an impoverished, single-parent upbringing with a desire to push others into their divine purpose in life.

JT is now a husband, father, and mentor.  He is the author of Overcoming Burnout, Relational Teaching, True Leaders LEAD, and Becoming One Flesh.  JT has over 10 years of experience working as a special education teacher in the area of Emotional Disability, and in 2017 he was awarded City-Wide Teacher of the Year for Chesapeake Public Schools.  He is currently a Title 1 Instructional Coach and the CEO of Purpose Pushers LLC.  Mr. JT Taylor is most certainly a visionary leader and a Purpose Pusher. 

His philosophy is simple: "Know Your Why!"  

Motivational speaking engagement and rap concert at a Title 1 Middle school.

Presenter at the Region II "Excellence Through Equity" Conference in Hampton Roads Virginia.

- On March 16, 2017, JT Taylor was awarded Chesapeake Public Schools City-Wide Teacher of the Year.

- 2017 Teacher of the Year at Oscar F. Smith High School.

- November 13, 2016 Iota Phi Lambda Emerald Educator Honoree.

- On August 26, 2016 the Virginia Pilot wrote a story on JT's book and his passionate desire to inspire educators.

- On June 2, 2016, he was featured in a WHRO commercial titled, "The Teaching Profession."

- In 2012, JT founded REEL Mentors, which is a mentorship program designed to educate and empower young men in the area of leadership. 


Chesapeake Public Schools City-Wide Teacher of the Year 2017

Professional Developments