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"The best PD I've ever attended!"

“Get this guy back next year!”

“Loved this workshop!”

“Amazing! 100% Relevant”

“Eye opener!”

“Spoke to my heart and gave me goosebumps!”

“Excellent and very engaging workshop. Thank you!”

“He basically inspired me to hold on just a little while longer!”

 “You can see the passion and enthusiasm that comes from the presenter and it impacts you!”

“Phenomenal! Great use of research, storytelling, and reality.”

“Very informative session. Great tips to prevent and recover from burnout!”

“Yes! I need him to talk to my agency.”

“This was an excellent presentation, particularly in applying theory in the classroom.”

“This was the best workshop that I’ve ever attended that pushed me to put into perspective how I will be a different type of teacher during my future career as an educator.”

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